The beginning before the beginning…

What happened so far?Although the offical opening of the Peoples Global Action will not start before tonight, there have been meetings going on since November 1st. The one I attended yesterday and briefly this morning was a good networking opportunity and was focussed on migrant networks in different regions and advocacy strategies.

Who organized it, what was the name of the meeting? Beats me. But that is part of the  charme of civil society meetings. Right now, I am attending an introductory event hosted by Migrants Rights International (MRI) on intercontinental advocacy (if I got the name right – no printed program available as of yet…) After that there will be regional meetings and I am torn in my loaylties between Asia and Europe…

Afterwards, tonight finally marks the end of the beginning before the beginning and the beginning of the offical beginning: A big introductory ceremony with Mexican government representatives etc.

Official or not, the making new contacts and meeting new people part of the meeting is definitely already well under way. Ranging from my room mate for the first 3 nights – a laywer from Jordan who is supporting labour migrants from the Philippines and Sri Lanka – to activists from Guatemala and Togo and many familiar faces from Asia, of course.

But a significant number of participants could not make it at all – due to restrictive and unflexible visa policies of their home countries (namely Morocco) or transit countries/Schengen visas. A very telling indicator of how much advocacy work still has to be done…


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One Response to The beginning before the beginning…

  1. OK, now I found out that the workshop was hosted by Alternativas y capacidades:

    Thanks to Veronica Bustabad for pointing that out to me.

    Apparently, Alternativas y capacidades is also evaluating this years PGA process, so hopefully the results will be made public…

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