Forthcoming attractions (i.e.: my schedule)

For those not familiar with the GFMD process (and even for those who are), the mixture of main (further divided into government and civil society), parallel and side-events can be confusing and overwhelming. Working out a schedule is a major logistical challenge, but it somewhat helps that this year not all the parallel events are actually held parallel to the GFMD but in the days leading up to it. So here is what I will try to cover:

Until FridayNovember 5, I will participate in the Peoples’ Global Action (PGA). Around afternoon that same day, I will try to start cover events related to the  3rd International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR), a parallel event with a different agenda than the PGA. How different? Have a look here:

So, at the afternoon of November 5, I will try to stop by at the International Tribunal of Conscience (ITC).

Saturday, November 6, can be labelled a day of research and prayers, since I  am attending the 3rd International Consultation of Churches with Migrants. (an event I missed last year in Athens, so I am very much looking foward to it).

Sunday, November 7, I hope to attend at least the opening ceremony of the above-mentioned IAMR. In the evening I will fly to Puerto Vallarta, where the “official” part starts.

From  November 8-9 I will attend the Civil Society Days (CSD) of the GFMD as an observer.

These are followed by the GFMD government meeting from November 10-11, where I am accredited as a journalist (or so I hope, communication has been somewhat limited).

“Followed” is not the fully correct term, since both events are overlapping this year, and the resulting interaction between civil society and governments is the part I am especially interested in.

November 12-13 I will try to collect assessments on the process, and on November 14 the journey starts back to hopefully-not-too-cold Germany…

Any interesting events I missed? Please let me know!


About Stefan Rother

Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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