The Mexican PGA in 2010 – some preliminary conclusions

It is too early for a proper conclusion, but on the whole the PGA was a great networking experience, and I think that the base of the discourse has been significantly widened by more Latin- and Northamerican groups coming aboard. It was a great organisational effort, especially considering the logistical and financial challenges. That the program and schedule was sometimes chaotic is something I see mostly as a “folkloristic” element of such civil society events organized on a voluntary basis.

 What could be improved is the overall structure of the workshops/roundtables etc. For example, I went to a very interesting meeting on temporary migration, but time was much too short (it always is, of course, and there was a suggestion of a whole conference on the subject which I think is a great idea). Also, there were several events dealing with the proposed ILO convention on domestic work and the UN migrant worker convention. On their own, all of these were interesting workshops, but visiting several of them sometimes felt a bit redundant, because the basic facts had to be covered all over again. Maybe dedicating specific half- or full-day sessions to major topics like these would lead to more in-depth discussions.

 On the other hand, the PGA was a great place for “topic-shopping and -hopping” and certainly inspired me to look into fields I have not been familiar with yet.


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  1. Author’s Remark: This is a work-in-progress, so I might add some further comments and feedback later on. For now, I’m off to a church meeting on migration…

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