On a song and a prayer: Churches meeting with migrants

What is globalization? Maybe entering an unassuming but beautiful, tucked away house in Colonia del Valle, Mexico D.F.,  and immediately running into several activists and researchers one knows from stays in the Philippines and Hong Kong, is part of it…

It was once more a tricky journey, but this time I made it to the “3rd International Consultation of Churches with migrants” and I am very glad I did.

Even my very friendly  taxi driver, a former migrant worker in Texas himself, was confused: the numbering system of the houses in the street with the pretty name  “amores”  seemed very random. After circling several blocks we finally found the CIRM/Union of major superiors of Mexico building at number 1318, squeezed in between  1422 and 14something…

There were prayers, a sermon and songs about migration by a certain Rosa Martha, which I liked so much that I immediately bought her CD.

Checker out her website:


And this clip on youtube, also I liked the “unplugged” version even more:


But it was not just all songs and sermons, of course. There were reports of an Interfaith Dialogue on Children, Women and Migration held early October this year in Manila. And a Sister called out to the church not only to talk to itself but also listen to the voices of the migrants.

One such voice was Garry Martinez, Chairperson of MIGRANTE International and Vice-President of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA). In a “Challenge to the Church” he asked for support not only in the form of prayers but also in active solidarity.


About Dr. Stefan Rother

Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute at the University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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