(some) rumours confirmed: the future of the GFMD

So, Switzerland it is: At the opening of the GFMD civil society days, it was just confirmed that the Swiss will step in for Spain next year, but in a different mode of operation, which is not exactly defined yet. There is also some confusion about the further development of the process:

It was confirmed that Morocco bailed out for the meeting in 2012, but a power point presentation shown in the beginning claimed that they would host the Forum in 2013 instead. Apparently, that was a mistake. Everybody was surprised, because in 2013 there definitely will be the High-Level Dialogue at the UN.

As reported, for 2014 Sweden has offered to continue the process, and there are still rumours about South Africa stepping in in 2012.

But it is yet unclear what kind of meeting the Swiss envisage for 2012. Apparently, they want to continue the ad hoc working groups on data collection and assessment of the process. So, it would rather be several smaller meetings. And in which way will civil society participate? There was no mention of this aspect at all in the morning session…


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