PGA returnees questioned at Amsterdam airport

Just now, the government meeting has been officially opened and the civil society declaration was delivered – to soft a statement, as many complain… but before I reflect on that, here is some news about the reality of borders, citizenship and the “new” political forces in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe:

Fe writes:

“Abdou, Mahdi and me were singled out at Schiphol upon arrival.

  1. While getting out of the plane it was announced that the immigration police will check out passports, logical because the plane came from Global South.  
  2. Surprisingly Abdou, Mahdi and me, and two others – one  from Africa , and a Spanish guy were singled out right at the end of the tube.
  3. We were questioned separately from each other. We were asked what did we do in Mexico. They were around 5 Dutch immigration police.  
  4. The questions were about the conference. Since most of them were in plain clothes – the guy who questioned me showed his ID and I saw he was from the immigration police.
  5. The questions were about the conference – that I attended the GFMD conference of which all governments sponsored this conference including the government of Holland. And my handbag and my hand luggage was also searched. When I reason out that this is the first time that I was singled out , and I have been to a lot of conferences – the interrupted saying:  “yes but conference is used of other purpose”. I said to myself …  wow Wilders is not only proposing but implementing actions
  6. Our documents were also searched.
  7. Abdou shared to us – the police questioned him because our ticket was bought in Los Angeles – hmmmm…
  8. We departed and I just called Abdou they came home safe.

Therefore, once you are in a country in the Global North you remain a migrant – even if you a  a country like Holland. Our passport is our face – every time I come in to this country after a trip I have to wait for some minutes because my passport is still closely examine and ask questions in Dutch language …

I also want to mention that the police were filling out a sort of form while asking us the question,  specially our passport data. In fact one of them re-check Abdou’s passport data if the other police noted the data well.

Are they putting us on record so that they constantly monitor our activities?”

 Thanks to Fe from the Respect Network

and the Transnational Migrant Platform 

for bringing this to my attention!

This is not the only report of this kind , and as was already stated, several delegates were not even allowed to participate in the PGA in their country of origin or transit:


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