New GFMD Platform for Partnerships is online

Just a short note to let you know that the relaunched Platform for Partnerships (PfP) has gone online. Obviously, it is not packed with information as of yet, but one can get an impression of what to expect in the future. While registration is limited to representatives of governments and international organisations

this makes only a difference regarding the access to restricted parts on the Platform for Partnerships, such as contact details and confidential documents – whatever the latter may be.

The projects posted, on the other hand, are freely accessible. The Migration and Development practices are grouped in 11 thematic areas that can be searched. Not all groups contain posts yet – a search in the “migration management” thematic area for example returns no records for this contested term. Others lead to the projects like the Handbook on Engaging Diaspora in Development Activities in Host and Home Countries, which is based on a survey and put together following a very specific timetable.

The Platform for Partnership can be found here;:


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