To be continued – Sweden will host GFMD meeting in 2014

There have been uncertainties about the future of the GFMD process – but it seems as if the Forum is here to stay, even beyond the next UN High-Level Dialogue on Migration in 2013. Sweden is part of the Troika that is involved in organizing the Swiss GFMD this year and will take over hosting the event in 2014. That leaves just one question open for now: Where will the GFMD convene in 2012?As reported, speculations about Sweden offering to host a future GFMD  had already been discussed in November at the Mexican GFMD:

Back then, there had also been speculations on South Africa replacing Morocco in 2012. While the part regarding Morocco withdrawing has been confirmed as well, the question of who will be the host in 2012 is still unanswered. But there is definitely a preference for an African country,  thus South Africa remains a hot candidate.

2013 will be a year of evaluation for the GFMD at the UN, so supporters of the Forum will see it as a good sign that plans for future meetings are already going beyond this date. Meanwhile, the structure of this year’s “GFMD light” is still a work in progress – but it has been confirmed that a final two-day extended Friends of the Forum meeting will take place in Geneva on 1-2 December 2011. (more on the Swiss plans here:

I will be back with more updates as soon as they are available, until then:  Aloha everybody! (I’m currently in Honolulu for the Association of Asian Studies conference starting this evening…)


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