PGA and common space taking shape – no news about IAMR…

The last of this year’s GFMD thematic meetings has just been held (a workshop on migration profiles in Manila), and it is less than a month from now that the “concluding debate” will take place in Geneva. With the program of the Civil Society Days (CSD) component of the GFMD reaching an advanced stage and the format of the “common space” outlined, one should also  take a look at the parallel events. The 6th People’s Global Action on Migration,Development & Human Rights (PGA) has just

announced its website for this year’s parallel event:

Last year in Mexico the meeting was held before the “official” event – very convenient from a researcher’s point of view – but in Geneva it runs parallel to the GFMD again. No detailed list of workshops is available as of yet, but according to the program outline, there will be workshops and plenary sessions as well as “public action” on the noon of December 2.

On the evening of the first day, a “Joint Civil Society Cultural Evening” is planned – if that means that PGA and  CSD delegates will meet together, that would be an indicator of even closer cooperation between the two events.

A further indicator: On Wednesday 2 pm, a “Joint Civil Society Session: Future of the Forum (to be confirmed)” is planned which looks to me like a feedback session where the CSD delegates report to the PGA.

This event would take place right after the “common space” between civil society and government delegates. After the common space in Mexico showed some promise, the topic of this year’s interaction will be “Looking  at the Big Picture: Demographics, Youth  (Un-) Employment, Development and Migration”.

The goal is to keep formalities like opening speeches etc. to a minimum and start with a “data-centered brief opening presentation” on the above topic. This is to be followed by a “café-style  panel discussion” on alternatives to irregular migration and interaction from  the floor. The latter had been quite lively in the 2011 Puerto Vallarta meeting with some sending countries’ governments like Bolivia also taking a stance.

The concept note for the common space can be found here:

About the other parallel event – the International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR): no news yet. From what I heard there might be no meeting in Geneva this year, but I will follow up on that. There has been a major meeting of the closely connected International Migrants Alliance (IMA) in Manila this summer, so maybe this is where the resources have been concentrated on.

Check back for further updates 😉

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