Let’s come together – joint PGA and GFMD events

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Colin Rajah, organizers of this year’s People’s Global Action (PGA) called it a landmark moment:For the first time, there are joint events that bring together PGA and GFMD delegates. It started with a cultural evening yesterday with performances you can see in the picture gallery, but today’s event is even more remarkable since

it actually brings together PGA and government delegates via the Civil Society Days.

A short background: The PGA started as a parallel event to the GFMD to address a broader, rights-based agenda. It also aims to be more inclusive: While the civil society days only accredit selected participants (roughly one-quarter of the applications this year), at the PGA, in principle everybody can join.

Over the years, the civil society days and PGA have grown closer, with many people who have been very involved in PGA are now organizing the civil society days. So it seems like a natural development, that for this afternoon’s session “The road towards 2013 and the future of the forum”, the PGA delegates are invited to come out to the Palexpo venue and join the debate. But since the government delegations are invited as well, it actually also brings together governments and a really broad range of civil society representatives (in last years common space, in contrast, only selected CSD delegates were invited to participate).

Of course, the hot topic to discuss will be the question, if there is a chance to bring the migration issue back into the UN system. Peter Sutherland, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Migration will join in by video debate and Colin Rajah will participate in a session on “perspectives on future scenarios for the GFMD, the UN High-Level Dialogue and the global governance of migration”.

The PGA delegates apparently have to leave before the subsequent joint civil society-government cocktail reception starts,  but that may be considered a price well-worth paying for being able to participate in the previous deliberations…

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