New Webinar on Migration and Development

Invitation Webinar People on the Move Migration for DevelopmentDear all, please find below the invitation to a Webinar on migration and development. 5 sessions will address the manifold implications of this “new development mantra”. The presentations by renowned experts will reach beyond the mere focus on monetary remittances;  among the topics covered are socio-economic development, migration and civil society and climate change induced displacement and migration. Besides the presentationsthere will be ample opportunity for online discussions.

The Webinar is part of the Alumniportal Deutschland, a web-service which is free of charge and carried out by five organisations from the field of international cooperation and financed by the German Federal Government. It offers “Germany-Alumni” an opportunity of securing and expanding their acquired contacts and expertise, and of using them for their personal and professional development.

The portal is of course also open to everbody interested, including migrants based in other countries, researchers, NGO representatives etc.

I will be moderator of the seminar and present the introductory session and thus look forward to your participation and contributions!

 Webinar “People on the Move – Migration for Development”

5 September – 2 October 2012


Members of the group can follow live sessions with renowned experts, discover the latest research results and join the discussion in our live-chat!

Security issues, border controls, clashes of cultures – for a long time, migration has largely been discussed in negative terms in the national and international arena. However, in the past decade, a more positive view of migration has steadily gained popularity: the development potential of migrants. This webinar aims to address the many facets of the migration-development nexus.

Moderator: Stefan Rother

, researcher and lecturer at the Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute for socio-cultural research (ABI) and the department for International Relations, University of Freiburg.

Session 1: Migration and development: actors, challenges and opportunities

Wednesday, 5 September 2012, 19.00h UTC+2

Session 2: The role of migrants in social economic development

Wednesday, 12 September 2012, 19.00h UTC+2

Session 3: Labour on the move – migrant workers as drivers for development?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 19.00h UTC+2

Session 4: Climate change induced displacement and migration

Wednesday, 26 September 2012, 19.00h UTC+2

Session 5: Development potential beyond monetary remittances: Migration and Civil Society

Tuesday, 2 October 2012, 19.00h UTC+2


More information:

About Stefan Rother

Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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