Swedish GFMD scheduled for May 2014

After the HLD is before the GFMD… In other words: If you thought that the upcoming UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development (UN-HLD) in New York may bring the issue of migration closer to the UN System, then don’t get your hopes up. Plans to continue the state-led GFMD (Global Forum on Migration and Development) in the years to come are well under way. On the up side, the Swedish government seems to be highly motivated and has taken over the GFMD chairmanship from Mauritius for an extended period: It will serve from 1 January 2013, until 30 June 2014. This is due to the fact that no GFMD meeting will take place this year  – all the stakeholders are preparing for the UN Meeting in New York City on 3-4 October and Sweden plans to play an active role in the meeting.

Because of this break, the 2014 meeting is scheduled for the week of 12 – 16 May 2014 and thus roughly half a year earlier than the usual date.

The Swedish chair envisions migration as part of the post-2015 development agenda, and declares as ist starting point

to focus on the enabling factors of labour market matching and transfer of knowledge, trade and investment promoting networks (with a focus on diaspora groups), and financial remittances in the economic and social development dimensions central to the GFMD.

This sounds very remittance-focused but I am glad to see that the Swedish Chair finally includes the issue of democracy and social remittances on the agenda – these have been largely absent so far.

Besides the main meeting in May, Sweden also plans to arrange a number of thematic meetings where it wants to engage the private sector and other stakeholders.

The Chair also “intends to strive to maintain close contact with the research community in relevant Areas” – let’s hope this input will reach beyond the usual suspects…. 😉


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