The #GFMD is back: Application starts for Civil Society Days and Online Discussion

GFMD-Sweden Logo-with-date-and-place-150-dpiThe application process for the 2014 civil society meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Sweden has started. After a one-year break – due to the United Nation meetings on migration in New York in 2013 – the Forum is not only back but has been expanded to a full five days from May 12-16 in Stockholm. In addition, an online discussion has been started in which

the participants can debate about the topics of 3 roundtables, the (newly introduced?) „Business Roundtable“ and „Other Questions“.
The discussion aims „to promote a more inclusive process and encourage more substantive input to the work of the Global Forum. It particularly aims to foster a balanced input from a broad range of stakeholders to ensure more evidence-based and dynamic Roundtable discussions“.
It is open until February 28 and can be accessed here:
The application process for the civil society component of the GFMD ends earlier, on February 19. In the past it has been extended on several occasions but I would not count on it.
Here is the link for the application for migrant organisations, other NGOs, academics… :
The GFMD Civil Society Days 2014 will be held on 12 – 13 May at The Brewery Conference Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The shared session with governments, the „Common Space“, will last for a full day and be held at the same venue on 14 May. The GFMD Government Days, usually not open to civil society, will take place at the same location on 15-16 May.
So much for now, I will write a more comprehensive piece on the GFMD as part of a „2014 Outlook“-blog-series. It will be a busy year, for sure…


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  1. Quod erat…. The deadline for the application has been extended for four more days, until 23 February.

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