Update on the 6th World Social Forum on Migrations #WSFM in Johannesburg: Schedule available

WSFM BannerMore information has been released about the upcoming 6th World Social Forum on Migrations (#WSFM) that will take place from the 5th until the 8th December 2014 at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. The program will consist of Plenary Sessions, Seminars and Workshops, Public Marches and, according to the organizers for the first time in the context of the WSFM, an Assembly of Convergence for Joint Action. The purpose of this convergence is to
“collate recommendations from the seminars, workshops and other self-organising forums. These recommendations will then be developed into plans for future action and presented at the closing plenary.” There was also debate of the closing plenary of the last WSFM in Manila in 2012 but this new format seems to aim for a more inclusive approach for the formulation of the final recommendations.
As in Manila there will be organized he field visits, where delegates will have the opportunity to get a better understanding of South African apartheid history and heritage. Cultural Exchange Spaces and Exhibitions will be offered as well.
The program will start quite early (at least there is no time difference between Germany and Johannesburg 😉 ) on Friday, 5 December, with an Opening Parade and Welcome Ceremonies. The first two days are when most of the workshops and roundtables take place and the third day – Sunday 7 December – is reserved for the field visits. The closing day will see an assembly of Social Movements, the Closing March “Joint Solidarity with South Africa”, the aforementioned General Convergence and Closing Plenary and, to go out in style, a concert and entertainment lasting until midnight.
No facebook, twitter or youtube presence has been set up as of yet, but these are about to be “coming soon”. Registration is not open yet, but the modalities and fees ranging from 1 to 75 US$. Further information ca be found here: (sites in spanish and French available as well)

As reported here


the overall theme will be  “Migration in the Heart of our Humanity: Rethinking Mobility, Development & Globalisation”.

Finally, these will be the thematic pillars of the gathering: (all look very promising, although from a bottom-up-perspective I am not too thrilled about the reference to “Migration flow Management” in Pillar 1… For an alternative perspective, see here: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01436597.2012.721271#.U9ofO5VEiUk )

Pillar 1: Asylum Seekers Refugees & Forced Migration
• Refugee Protection and Mixed Migration Movements in Southern Africa: Contribution to the development of policies and strategies for effective mixed migration flow management.
Pillar 2: Migration, Social Cohesion and Integration
• Integration and Social Cohesion: Roles and initiatives of the civil society to promote human rights, build and strengthen communities of peace and diversity;
• Community Education and Migration: Strategies to address perceptions, stereotypes and misconception as well as the increased xenophobia violence in host communities.
Pillar 3: Migration, Globalisation and Crises: Trends and Alternatives
• Migration and Globalization: Reflections on Impact on Governance and Migration Policies;
• Health and Mobility: Mixed Migration Flows and Health Vulnerability;
• Crisis of Current Economic Models and New Migration Configuration, Trends and Patterns in the World: Migration North – South and Migration South – South;
• Civil Society, Refugees and Migrants Initiatives as active actors and contributors in the regional migration approach and policies.
Pillar 4: Globalisation, Migration and Gender
Pillar 5: Human Rights, Citizenship
• Migration as Human Right: Role of Civil Society in promoting rights of refugees and migrants;
• Trans-frontier migration – Human Trafficking and Smuggling.
Pillar 6: Migration, Environment and Climate Change


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Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute at the University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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5 Responses to Update on the 6th World Social Forum on Migrations #WSFM in Johannesburg: Schedule available

  1. Lukamba says:

    The VI WSFM official website is http://www.wsfm2014.com. There a Facebook page and twitter handle.

  2. The links are not working, work on that sir ,people want to participate but website needs regular update including the work on the ground so far.Why are you the website not displaying the sponsors.As social movements we need to be transparent in all our work and that can help to bring in other donors as this event goes with a lot of costs

  3. Der Lukamba, thanks, Facebook and Twitter links are now working for me…

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