Bangladesh will chair the 2016 #GFMD

GFMD__sm__775458863Next stop Bangladesh: It has just been confirmed that Bangladesh will host the 9th GFMD meeting in 2016. This completes the Troika of the non-binding process on migration and development which had been reduced to two members – present chair: Turkey – previous chair: Sweden – after the Stockholm GFMD and led to speculations about the future of the forum. But now there are even further indicators that the GFMD is here to stay: As host for the 2017 meeting,it has been announced that Morocco is considering the chair. This would end the – rather informal – approach that primarily sending and primarily receiving countries of migrants take turn in hosting the event. Obviously, this neat separation is highly questionable anyway:  Turkey, for example,  might be a traditional country of origin but hosts several hundred thousands refugees as well.

Preparations for the Turkey meeting in late 2015 are currently underway (more on this in an upcomingpost) As an outlook to 2017, Foreign Secretary M. Shahidul Haque, the Foreign Secretary of State of Bangladesh is quoted as saying : “As a Chair, Bangladesh would be in a position to effectively pursue and further promote the rights and well-beings of the migrant workers and their families in the global migration discourse.”


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