Out now: Our Special Issue(s) on “Challenging State Sovereignty: A Multi-level Approach to Southeast and East Asian #Migration “

EJEASThe multi-level dimension of migration governance is gaining increasing attention – and that includes the regional and sub-regional level. As a contribution to this research, Nicola Piper, Jürgen Rüland and yours truly have guest edited a two-part special Issue for the European Journal of East Asian studies (EJEAS). The theme is “Challenging State Sovereignty: A Multi-level Approach to Southeast and East Asian Migration” and the topics of the articles range from “Mobility Norms in Free Trade Agreements” to the migration industry, securitization of migrant, refugee protection, migrant domestic workers as agents of development and pilgrimage migration to Mecca. The seven empirical studies in this Special Issue thusexamine current political, economic, social and legal dimensions of migration in Southeast Asia from an interdisciplinary perspective, linking the discussion of the migration–sovereignty nexus to ‘regional migration regimes’, ‘the transnational–national intersection’ and ‘grass-roots responses’. The common message that emerges from the papers in this issue—that state sovereignty in the area of migration is being challenged from multiple levels—leads us to argue for a future research agenda which would align the study of sovereignty more closely with governance studies as well as studies on norm diffusion. Such an agenda would contribute new insights into emerging forms of sovereignty beyond the confines of the state.

Here are the TOCs:

Part I

EJEAS Volume 16, Issue 2



Challenging State Sovereignty in the Age of Migration

Nicola Piper; Stefan Rother and Jürgen Rüland pp.: 191–192

The ASEAN Economic Community and National Sovereignty. Towards a Securitisation of Labour Migration? A Press Analysis of Four Southeast Asian Countries

Jürgen Rüland pp.: 193–219

Migrant Domestic Workers as ‘Agents’ of Development in Asia. An Institutional Analysis of Temporality

Sohoon Lee and Nicola Piper pp.: 220–247

Working in Mecca. How Informal Pilgrimage-Migration from Madura, Indonesia, to Saudi Arabia Challenges State Sovereignty

Mirjam Lücking pp.: 248–274

Part II

EJEAS Volume 17, Issue 1


Keeping Up Appearances. State Sovereignty and the Protection of Refugees in Southeast Asia

Sebastien Moretti pp.: 3–30

ASEAN People-to-People Connectivity. The Role of the Mutual Recognition Regime

Elisa Fornalé pp.: 31–54

Navigating Migrant Trajectories through Private Actors. Burmese Labour Migration to Malaysia

Anja K. Franck; Emanuelle Brandström Arellano and Joseph Trawicki Anderson pp.: 55–82

Mobility Norms in Free Trade Agreements. Migration Governance in Asia between Regional Integration and Free Trade

Flavia Jurje and Sandra Lavenex pp.: 83–117

Challenging State Sovereignty in the Age of Migration. Concluding Remarks

Nicola Piper; Stefan Rother and Jürgen Rüland. pp.: 118–133



About Dr. Stefan Rother

Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute at the University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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    Stephan, is there a way get this w/out the cost of purchasing the journal!

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