New Working Paper Series on #Migration, Mobility, and Forced Displacement #MIASAmigration

MIASA WP BlogA new series of interdisciplinary working papers on Migration, Mobility, and Forced Displacement has been launched at the Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA). The institute is based at the University of Ghana. Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to act as convener of the first Interdisciplinary Fellow Group (IFG) in Accra. Four months of exciting collaborative research have now resulted in the publication of our first batch of working papers They deal with

a wide array of topics, that had been developed with the four working groups we created during our fellowship stay: Ranging from the urban Level and questions of translocality and Sanctuary cities to the ECOWAS Free Movement protocol and the role of civil Society in regional migration governance, as well as analyzing the Concept of mgiration infrastructures in a West African contect – and beyond… All papers underwent a thorough peer-review process. This is the list of papers available for download – feel free to share widely:


MIASA Working Paper 2019(1). Bauder, Harald. 2019. Urban Sanctuary and Solidarity in a Global Context: How Does Africa Contribute to the Debate? 

MIASA Working Paper 2019(2). Bisong, Amanda. 2019. “Acting together”: How Non-State Actors shape migration policies in West Africa.

MIASA Working Paper 2019(3). Kleist, Nauja & Bjarnesen, Jesper. 2019. Migration Infrastructures in West Africa and Beyond.

MIASA Working Paper 2019(4). Landau, Loren B. 2019. Temporality, informality, & translocality in Africa’s urban archipelagos.


More working papers are in the pipeline, so make sure to check back on this page:

More info on the fellowship group and the people involved can be found here:




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