Hasta luego, P.V. – and a glimpse of the “Invisibles”

In a couple of hours I am heading back home to good, cold Germany. So, after two weeks packed to the max with everything related to the GFMD, I spoiled myself on the last day and went scuba diving. My divemaster – a Mexican return migrant from Vancouver – was not exactly aware of the events that had just taken place in his hometown: “Ah, that government thingy”, he shrugged it off. That may have been the overall attitude in Puerto Vallarta, were it not for Amnesty International. Their strategy:

They put up stilts with photos, maps and short captions that referred to the fate of Migrants who had disappeared on their transit through Mexico. And they chose a good place to do so: At the Malecón, a walk along the coastline, that also boasts some really creative statues. As a result, you could see tourists in sandals and short trousers standing in front of the pictures and discussing them…

Apart from that, I am still not quite sure why P.V. was chosen as the location of the GFMD. To further promote tourism in the area? To present Mexico from a very pleasant side? Or to avoid major demonstrations? The latter had worked to a degree, since the protest caravan from Mexico City was not able to get near the venue (more in a separate post).

 On the plus side, the governor of the wealthy state of Jalisco, where P.V. is situated in, seemed to be very involved in the issue – at least judging by the 2 speeches we heard from him during the GFMD. And everybody who had participated in the events in Mexico City the week before (and often got a nasty smog-induced cold as a result) enjoyed the significantly better air quality.

But if Puerto Vallarta will also be seen as an important shift in the evolution of the GFMD, has yet to be decided…


About Dr. Stefan Rother

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