GFMD Civil Society Days 2010 Statement available – but more to come…

As I have blogged earlier, there had been some dissatisfaction with the statement of the civil society days as it was presented at the common space with the governments. Now the statement is available – please find the document attached below – and John K. Bingham, Chair of the CSD Steering Committee, has added some clarifications and background on the process:

When the draft of the statement was first presented on the evening of the second day of the civil society meeting, there were plenty of comments – most of them calling for stronger statements or the inclusion of additional topics. So far, so usual.

But when John K. Bingham presented the statement the next day at the common space , several delegates felt that important points were lacking. In a letter to the delegates, the chair of the steering committee has now offered some background explanations. His main point: The 15 minutes allowed for the presentation did not give him enough time to read the full statement, so he had to make some ad hoc cuts. The document attached below is the full version and an additional, more comprehensive summary is apparently in the making.

Before I  end with a quote from the letter – I assume that is o.k. with the author – let me add that while the drafting team should be commended for doing their job in such short time, maybe this rush could be avoided in future meetings. Is it really necessary to start “from the scratch” each year? Or could some suggestions be circulated beforehand for open discussion at the actual forum? These might be drafted by working groups or regional meetings…

Now to the quote: 

“As you know, we were permitted to give a 15 minute presentation only; I think we went 18. In that time, I was able to present, to my count, 87 of the some 109 recommendations in our final statement. I regret that time did not allow for a straight reading of the entire text verbatim.

 The additional,  comprehensive summary of all principal conclusions and recommendations of our multiple sessions and roundtables, including specific reporting from the three regional roundtables and common space “case studies” on Tuesday afternoon, will be prepared and circulated shortly.”

Statement Civil Society Days 2010pdf


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