#GFMD 2014: Civil Society calls for “meaningful participation”

Amnesty International (AI) and the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) have proposed a joint civil society letter to the Swedish Chair of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), asking to increase the interaction between governments and civil society. The deadline for signing the letter in support is 14 March 2014, and will be sent the following week. The authors list 3 specific proposals that should help ensure the GFMD is conducted “in a transparent and open manner”:

–        Extend the time dedicated to the ‘Common Space’ to at least two plenary sessions

–        Actively encourage the government Chairs of each GFMD Roundtable to invite at least one civil society representative to present the views of civil society to the Roundtable

–        allow civil society representatives to take part as observers in all plenary sessions, Roundtables, Working Groups and other GFMD meetings

These read like sound proposals to me; when asked in the questionnaire for this years’ GFMD about recommendations, I had actually suggested that observer status should be given to civil society during the government days of the GFMD. This could be seen as a measure of trust between the participants of the two GFMD components (and might reveal that actually nothing overly spectacular or secretive happens during those government roundtables… 😉

The full letter is available under this link:


Civil society organizations wishing to show their support by signing the letter should respond directly to Amnesty International Researcher – Advisor Francesca Pizzutelli at FPizzute@amnesty.org

I am actually flying to Bangkok right after this post, where I plan to visit the GAATW’s International Secretariat; thus, I might follow up on this letter in one of my next posts.


About Dr. Stefan Rother

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