From Apartheid to Mzansi Pride: #WSFM2014 Day 2 in pictures

WSFM 2014 Day II 7aThe second day of the World Social Forum on Migration (WSFM)in Jo’burg did certainly not lack in variation: A morning panel ranging from a fundamental Palestine critique of Israel and its politics to talks on evictions and integration in the labour market was followed by workshops and an afternoon visit to the Apartheid museum. There, visitors are randomly assigned their race/colour and are then separated at the entrance accordingly. Back on Constitution Hill, a somewhat similar separation could be observed at two Events held independently from the WSFM: some rich kids party (all white) and the LGBTI Festival Mzansi Pride (none white…) The evening was closed with Performances by “arts & culture champions”, selected by the African Delphic Council. Here are plenty of Pictures:



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Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute at the University of Freiburg -- Freelance journalist -- You can find my CV at the links below:
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