#WSFM 2014 Wrap Up: Declaration released, Articles, Gallery

WSFM 2014 Day IV 8After the WSFM is before the WSFM… But while there has been no announcement yet about the host of the 2016 World Social Forum on Migrations, some reports have been released and the declaration from the event that took place 5th to 8th December 2014 in Johannesburg has been made available. Thus, I compiled some links, documents and Pictures: I know of several more reports upcoming, so I will be updating this post once they are online.

As I understand it, the International Committee of the WSFM will meet and decide on the upcoming host. There is certainly need for discussions, for example on why the South African WSFM was almost completely detached from previous meetings – there was not even a representative of the 2012 Manila WSFM present. As a consequence, instead on following up on the Manila declaration, the Johannesburg declaration started again from scratch. You can download the document here:

final declaration wsfm 2014

A major theme of the WSFM was the increasing xenophobic violence in South Africa. One month after the WSFM, the African Diaspora Forum issued the following open letter to Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa:

Open Letter to President Jacob Zuma 24.01.2015

Regarding reports on the WSFM, my fellow blogger Rodrigo Borges Delfim from Brazil covered the event much more comprehensive than I did; check out his excellent blog – however, most of it is in Portuguese:


Roqayah Chamseddine, a Sydney based Lebanese-American journalist and commentator, wrote an article on the event for which she interviewed me – read it here:


I wrote a report for the German daily newspaper Badische Zeitung on the event – you can find it here:


Here is a further report in German from medico International: http://www.medico.de/themen/menschenrechte/migration/dokumente/mandela-waere-entsetzt/4746/

Don’t speak German? Then check out their excellent report “In the Shadow of the Citadel. The impact of the European Migration Regime on „third countries“ ” that was also discussed in a workshop during the WSFM:


UPDATE 04-02-15: Here is the link to an article focusing on the South African context:


I also know of several interviews from France being planned; until they are posted, check out my final picture gallery from Johannesburg:


About Dr. Stefan Rother

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4 Responses to #WSFM 2014 Wrap Up: Declaration released, Articles, Gallery

  1. Godfrey says:

    Im still trying to get the declaration that was read at the conference released by Terre des Hommes International federation on heir programme Destination Unknown can you assist me to trace it .

  2. Sarah says:

    indeed, migrant children and youth from within Johannesburg, boys and girls, raised their issues as migrant children under the Destination Unknown Campaign, supported by Terre des hommes. Would be good to see whether their input was considered by the Forum at which they participated meaningfully, engaged with participants and actually collected signatures from those in support of their views..

  3. Dear all, unfortunately I have not yet come across the Terre des Hommes declaration but would be very interested in reading it as well. So if anybody has access, please post it here or send it to me and I will post it in the blog.

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